Northern Flyer Alliance Symposium – April 6, 2012

Theme: The Business Case for Passenger Rail

Blog post about the Symposium from Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood:     click here

Symposium Agenda  click here

NARP Symposium Handout  click here

Symposium PowerPoint (Large 38.3 mb)  click here

Symposium PowerPoint in movie format (Smaller 6.3 mb)  click here

Speaker Profiles   click here

Welcome by Councilman Scott Wagner  click here

Pat & Kris Larkin  click here

Chris Larson, President & CEO Larson Binkley, Inc.  click here

Joe Szabo, Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration click here

Derrick James, Amtrak  click here

Dennis Slimmer, KDOT  click here

Ross Capon, President & CEO, Natl Association of Railroad Passengers click here

Pete Meitzner, Councilman, Wichita, Kansas  click here

Homer Nicholson, Mayor, Ponca City, Oklahoma  click here

Rick Harnish, Executive Dir Midwest High Speed Rail Association click here

Stu Nicholson, Engage Public Affairs click here

Due to technical difficulties, the rest of the speakers were not recorded.

Location: Kansas City’s Union Station Board Room

To request an invitation to the conference send an email to the following:

The NFA is organizing a symposium to be held on April 6, 2012 at Kansas City’s Union Station . The purpose is to create a venue for public officials, business owners, community leaders, the medical community, Board of Regents, railroad interests and elected officials from several Midwest states to come together to discuss why passenger rail is so important to businesses, the medical community, and society, and why the expansion of passenger rail is a fiscally conservative approach to the nation’s transportation problems.

The Symposium will feature panelists from around the Midwest with expertise and business interest in passenger rail expansion. To date, we are planning on the following panel participants:

Federal Railroad Adminstration, Joe Szabo, Administrator

KS Rail Caucus Chair, MIPRC Commissioner and business owner, Rep. Jene Vickrey

National Assoc. Railroad Passengers, Ross Capon, President and CEO

Wichita City Council Member, Pete Meitzner

KDOT, Dennis Slimmer, Chief of Transportation Planning

Midwest High Speed Rail, Rick Harnish, Executive Director

Amtrak, Derrick James, Director of Government Affairs

KS Rail Caucus Member, and business owner, Sen. Dick Kelsey

Past MIPRC Commissioner, and business owner Sen. Daryl Beall, IA

Mayor, Ponca City, Oklahoma, Homer Nicholson

Larson Binkley (engineering firm), Chris Larson, Pres. & CEO

Flint Hills Tourism, Pat & Kris Larkin

Kansas University, Professor Wally Meyer, Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

Iowa State Legislature, Senator Daryl Beale

Engage Public Affairs, Stu Nicholson

Missouri Department of Transportation, Eric Curtit & Michele Teel

The audience will consist of public officials, business owners, community leaders, the medical community, Board of Regents, railroad interests and elected officials from the states of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma.

Sponsored by:

Northern Flyer Alliance

Kansas Rail Caucus

With Support From:

Larson Binkley, Inc.

D&M Consulting Services

Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission, Kansas Delegation

The United Transportation Union

2 Responses to Events

  1. Roger, would you mind registering directly? You will receive a direct invitation tomorrow morning. I checked into how best to add you manually, and in order for us to keep everything straight, it would be better if you registered when you receive the invitation. ONce you get the invitation, please click the ‘Attend’ button, then enterregister to attend. What you received from NARP was not a direct invitation. If you know anyone that wants to register, have them send me their email address for an invitation. Since the food is free, we don’t want to open it up to the general public just yet. We may do so later, it just depends on the seating.
    Thank you for your understanding! ~Deborah

  2. Thank you, Rep. Gregory for your email. Please accept my apologies for not seeing this earlier. We would very much like to connect with you to speak in more detail about next steps. What is the best way to reach you?
    Deborah Fischer Stout

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